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Home Health Inspection Services

Whether your home is 50 years old or a new build, it’s safe to say that all require regular maintenance to ensure the homes integrity is preserved and that its value steadily increases. On average a home should have a thorough home health inspection completed every 4 to 5 years to ensure any degradation or improvements can be identified. For example, a regular roof inspection can identify a deficiency and allow the home owner enough time to properly plan and schedule the repair before a small issue turns into an emergency. It is much more effective from the point of cost, stress and time management to conduct maintenance in a planned and scheduled manner rather than an emergency situation.

When you use MrID for your Home Health Inspection you can expect:

  • FREE RecallChek with a transferrable and scalable lifetime membership
  • FREE $10,000 of zero deductible WARRANTIES
  • A full home inspection exceeding national and International standards covering but not limited to the homes structure, foundation, roofing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, ventilation, interior, exterior and attached garages
  • A complete and thorough electronic inspection report with high quality digital photos, interactive interface outlining descriptions, limitations and recommendations for all components included in the inspection
  • A full electronic copy of the “Home Reference Book” which covers over 400 pages of education regarding home maintenance, repair costs, system descriptions, etc., a great tool for future reference as a home owner
  • A hard copy of “Maintenance Book” to help protect your new investment
    FREE 25’ measuring tape to take precise measurements to plan for your dream home

Benefits of Home Health Inspection:

  • Paints a clear picture of your homes health and where improvements can be made.
  • Can ensure home owners avoid major repairs / costs in the future.
  • Can help with reducing energy consumption costs by identifying energy efficiency improvements.
  • Can help extend the life of certain components of the home.
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