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Home Verified History Report

Do you know everything about the home you’re living in or potentially buying? Most often when purchasing a home, people have to rely on disclosure from the seller to determine if any problems exist or have been encountered and rectified since ownership. A HomeVerified report establishes trust and transparency between a Home Buyer and a Home Seller by removing the guesswork about a home’s past – replacing it with impartial, accurate and real-time data.

Purchasing a HomeVerified Report, homeowners and home buyers have a complete home history report at their fingertips that can reveal important information about their home or prospective home such as:

  • Past insurance claims on the property
  • Illegal activity such as grow ops or meth labs that were present
  • Claims analysis on the neighbourhood
  • Neighbourhood amenities
  • Local political representatives and their contact details
  • Before you put in an offer on your
    home, get a home verified report
  • Canada-wide Data
  • Insurance Claims History
  • Ranking Schools in your area
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