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Infrared Diagnostics

Incorporating an infrared thermal scan into your home inspection can tell you a lot of detailed information about your home or the home you are about to buy.  Completing a thermographic scan using a high quality infrared camera can reveal many hidden issues that are hidden to the naked eye.  At MrID we use only the best infrared technology produced by FLIR to ensure that any hidden deficiencies are detected.
Prior to contrary belief, a thermographic camera cannot see behind walls, what it does see is temperature differences related to heat and moisture along building surfaces.  All of MrID’s home inspectors are fully certified in Thermography, can scan your home and can detect more problems than the naked eye, such as:
  • Energy loss and efficiency
  • Unknown plumbing leaks
  • Wet, inadequate or non-existent insulation
  • Water and moisture intrusion which could lead to mold
  • Hidden roof leaks
  • Electrical faults
  • Air duct leaks
  • Rodent infestation

An infrared home assessment is recommended for every home inspection to ensure your new found investment is protected to the up most. However, MrID does offer a thermal imaging diagnostic scan for existing home owners to detect any deficiencies that may exist that could be corrected to increase the energy efficiency in your home.

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